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How Can a Keratin Treatment Benefit Damaged Hair

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keratin smoothing treatment

A keratin treatment can repair your damaged har.

How Can A Keratin Treatment Benefit Damaged Hair?

Many people wonder if a keratin treatment can truly benefit damaged hair. Tension from hairstyles, as well as excess heat and processing can cause our hair to appear damaged. The most direct way to correct damaged hair is definitely with a Keratin Treatment? Let’s explore why. Well, our hair is comprised of keratin, therefore, every day styling and manipulation of the hair can cause the keratin in our hair to become weakened.

How can a keratin treatment benefit hair that is damaged? During the process of the treatment, Keratin is applied to the hair, and then the hair is flat ironed to seal in the ingredients. Over the course of 72 hours, the Keratin bonds to the hair and fills in any areas of weakened keratin. The keratin acts like caulk filling in holes in a wall. Once the “holes” in your hair are filled in, your hair is stronger and less prone to damage. Also, because of the smoothness of the hair shaft, your hair will tangle less and dry faster. The combination of strengthening the hair and decreasing your styling time will ensure that your hair is less damaged now and in the future.