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Learn The Difference Between a Brazilian Blowout and A Keratin Treatment

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What Is The Difference Between A Brazilian Blowout And A Keratin Hair Treatment

keratin hair treatment

What is the difference between a brazilian blowout and a Keratin hair treatment

A Brazilian Blowout is perhaps the most well known among all other keratin hair treatment methods. There were a number of methods adopted by the women of the communities of America and Africa from earlier times. The chemicals and methods used in those therapies were very harmful and although the hair was straightened using those methods, the hair quality suffered a lot. The straightening was also temporary. Finally, Brazil came up with a treatment for straightening the hair for a long period of time. Brazilian blowout and a Brazilian keratin hair treatment are the two most common methods.

The blowout method uses a chemical. The chemical is first applied on the hair and then the conventional blowout is given to the hair. The main problem of this method is the use of harmful formaldehydes which produces toxic fumes when applied on to the hair, which is injurious to health and can infect the respiratory organs as well. Many women have also experienced the dangerous effects of this method.

Next is the well-known keratin hair treatment. In this process, only naturally occurring keratin is used as a conditioner. Keratin is a protein which is infused into the hair cuticles, and the therapy ends with a heat treatment which seals the protein in the hair. However, there are some post treatment measures, which must be followed for up to three days to have perfect shiny and silky hair. Many women now take pride in their beautiful hair after undergoing a keratin hair treatment. However, some complaints have been recorded that some companies are producing inferior quality keratin products that contain formaldehyde. So before the treatment, inquire about the ingredients of the product being used first.